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Per-Minute, tips and subscription payments

Webcam Model Serena Love for LiveCamNetwok

LiveCamNetwork incorporates true pay per minute billing (actually, pay per second billing!) to accurately track all chat time spent between your customers and your webcam broadcasters, models and performers.

Charge any amount you like per minute for any broadcaster for any session type (private, semi private or passive), and the accounting system does the rest.

Know exactly how many minutes have been sold, and by who. Set any price per minute you want, and set any pay-rate per minute too. Pay all broadcasters the same rate, or pay each a different rates. Generate invoices, view profit comparison, and run other reports.

Accept tips online, too! Your customers can tip as much as you like via your website. All tips are reported in real time and appear on your wecam model's screens. Set any tip-split you like based on simple percentage. Award your models 50% tips by default, increase or decrease splits as desired.

The LiveCamNetwork per-minute accounting system even integrates flawlessly with Tip-Goals and Mbase!

Need to pay broadcasters a flat-rate instead of or in addition to commission sales? With LiveCamNetwork, you can do this too!


The LiveCamNetwork Accounting system has a proven track record for reliability and accuracy. All accounting data is stored and visible anytime, by both you AND your broadcasters.


All minutes bought and sold are recorded to database servers in real time. Accounting reports are available by 7am the next day without fail, with many reports including retail sales reports now generated in real time.

Detailed reporting

Know which users chatted with which broadcasters, on which days, for how long, in which session type. Broadcast chat model invoices are auto-generated too and include overall summaries AND daily sales totals for each pay period.

Key features

  • True per-second accuracy
  • Set any charge per-minute you want.
  • Set any tip-split you like
  • Easy integration with Tip-Goals
  • Award bonus funds to heavy buyers automatically
  • Per-second detailed reports

  • Sales reported to cam models in real time
  • Per-Second resolution across multiple domains
  • Automatic Invoice Creation
  • Per-Second Accounting
  • All reports archived and available anytime