Fraud Detection & Prevention

Protect Your Site With AHMAD Fraud Detection Services.

Online Fraud is a serious concern, and anyone going into an online business needs to have the right tools and services to protect their business from cheats.

AHMAD is designed to reduce fraud and likely chargebacks that burn your sales & confidence level with your chat models, and keep your chargeback rate as low as possible.

How it works:

There is no such thing as complete prevention, but detection and protection is crucial. With AHMAD, each transaction on your site is compared against others using a unique algorythm containing information on the properties of collected data of the transaction, as well as behaviours and trends of fraudsters. As each element of the transaction is examined, an overall score is attributed to the transaction. If the final score falls within a certain range, fraud is suspected, and a live operator is alerted to perform a closer inspection of the transaciton.

If the purchase cannot be verified, the transaction is placed on hold, while a message is sent to the user of the account, requesting that they contact us. If no contact is made or the purchase cannot be verified, the transaction is canceled BEFORE it reaches mastercard or Visa, keeping your chargeback rate low, and your billing processor happy.

Going further, the reversed transaction is entered instantly into your accounting system notifying you of the date, time & user, as well as any chat model this user may have chatted with. If the reversed Transaction occurs on your website, you are not liable for the cost even if the customer uses mbase. Insert, the entire transaction is reversed and your are credited for the loss.

Acknowledged by CCBill, Epoch and now Segpay as a Must Have.