High Performance webcam servers

Hosting services

Your LiveCamNetwork website will run on Servers specially optimized for high speed low-latency streaming are standing by to power your LiveCamNetwork website and deliver your content to your paying customers.

Servers are co-located at Peer1 Networks around the world. Cloud Services are also provided by Peer1 Networks. Each are running the latest Redhat Linux Operating system and housed in environmentally controlled Class A Data Centers with 25Gb Blended Transit from multiple Tier-1 providers. All switches, routers and firewalls are provided by Cisco.

The Network Operations Center (NOC) staff monitors the network 24x7x365, while our network engineers are available at any time in the event of an emergency.

All LiveCamNetwork sites include Advanced Live Video Content delivery network, Dual Server Configuration, Authenticated SMTP services and FTP access. Of course, all servers are protected by redundant UPS's, Battery backup and Emergency Diesel Generator backup, temperature & humidity controlled environment.

Technical Support Provided 24 hours a day to you & your webmasters, and optionally to your customers and your chat models, by phone, skype, email or forum.

Software Updates included FREE!

Your LiveCamNetwork website will receive new software updates as they become available, automatically. Updates can include bug fixes, general improvements and even new features. All updates happen in the background, so your website never goes offline while updates take place. Best of all, updates are always free!