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Xbiz Awards Recognizes 2much.net, Again

Webcam site solution creator 2much.net has been nominated once again by the XBiz Awards in the 2014 Software Company of the Year category.

"We've been nominated every year since they added the category," said Prince, joking. "It's become a tradition... Always the bridesmaid, never the bride..."

Although this bridesmaid has already been bride in the past, winning the industry prize in 2010, Prince feels confident his company has a good chance of winning again this year.

Having taken time off from the convention circuit and one-to-one promotion, the company has instead been focussing on innovations and new program features for its "complete live video chat solution."

Along with general system improvements such as speed and video quality, Prince's 2much team has added functions and features improving customer experience.

Recent features now included with the LiveCamNetwork software include video recording & networked playback, offline tips, 1-click rebilling4 and inclusion of XBizAwards Nominee Netbilling along with CCBill, Epoch and Segpay as supported payment processors.

"We've also added brandable chat rooms with video overlays, allowing you as site owner to sell banner adspace as well," Prince said.

Another highlight of LiveCamNetwork 5.0 is the ability to sell the recorded webcam sessions back to consumers on a pay per minute basis.

2much.net's unique model-sharing system or MBase thus allows site operators to retail these ViPeR or Virtual Private Rooms from hundreds, if not thousands, of pre-recorded sessions on a pick & click basis via their operator control screen.

Prince is evidently proud of his software and the team of programmers and support personnel who make up the company. "Oh yeah," said Prince. "They definitely deserve the award this time."

Moratorium Drives Performers To Revenue Alternatives

(Montreal) December 16, 2013 - Webcam software maker 2much.net reports having had a sudden influx of new customers from the performer ranks of the business after the recent moratorium on porn shoots, caused by the latest HIV-positive report in the industry.

And according to site owner Mark Prince, it has endured even after the production-stop was lifted.

"It's not as strong as it was," said Prince. "The FSC [Free Speech Coalition] did a great job tracking the source and making sure the 'performer pool', as she [Diane Duke, FSC CEO] calls it, wasn't affected."

Still, Prince thinks some of the performers who gravitated to 2much.net to compensate for the lack of work "also did it because there's no risk involved in terms of health. It's solo one-on-one performing for a remote audience. You can't get test positive from a dildo or a webcam, no matter how good the picture quality is."

The trend has been noticed as far as the UK, as a recent Forbes magazine article reported, where customer-requested and custom content business models increased during and after the moratorium for the same reason.

"Of course, as the majority of custom video requests are for 'solo/POV' content, it negates any health risks," one owner is quoted as saying.

"It seems they're looking for a site and work they can call their own that gives them stability," said Prince. "After all, this is the third full production stop in less than a year. The prospects are getting volatile."

According to Prince, 2much is still being approached and signing on new software customers, especially for the company's "Solo model" package. "They want to be setup with their own cam site in case this happens again," said Prince.

"I think there might have been some word-of-mouth involved," said Prince. "That would explain why performers are still signing up to 2much even though the moratorium was lifted."

Webcams have grown as a niche over the years from simple free upsell opportunities to a huge segment of the industry because the live streaming sex performances cannot be as easily stolen and uploaded to tubes and other content sites, free or pay.

"I think this spike has probably been seen across the spectrum of webcam businesses, including our competitors," said Prince.

Regardless of the reason for reduced work opportunities, Prince claims webcams are always a viable resource for performers as well as site owners.

"While solo model shooting for various babe sites and such is always possible, and producers will or should always have backlogged content ready," said Prince. "Many performers who don't fit the criteria of the underfed body type or the buff dude sites often don't find enough work is available."

Which is where webcams come in. Performers can set themselves up with their own cam site, work when they want or must, or let 2much.net's built-in live performer network, MBase, generate revenue for them whether or not they're online.

"Now what we're finding" said Prince, "is with the ability to record their own shows, the porn models can continue to make money again and again even after the original performance."

"We can fill any gap, whether imposed or due to circumstance," said Prince.

Cam Girls Make More Money On ViPeR

Webcam site LiveCamNetwork.com has introduced ViPeR, or Virtual Private Rooms, a new way for cam performers to make money even when they aren't chatting live.

"Performers on most webcam systems don't get to keep the rights to their content, model name or pictures," said Mark Prince, operator of LiveCamNetwork.com. "They don't get paid for future viewings of recorded chat sessions.

"On ViPeR, they get paid for as long as their archive is getting views," said Prince. "And the more content they generate, the more is watched, and the more sales are made."

LiveCamNetwork.com has been online for over 15 years. The site has concentrated on very interactive cam models, knowing a "personal touch" is the best approach for both customers and camgirls.

"Establishing a relationship, a communication, between models and members creates a loyalty in both that keeps people coming back to the site for years," said Prince. "More so than if you have thousands of chat girls rotating in a dizzying array."

According to Prince, even models will return to the site. "They miss the community, the people in the chat rooms who take part in the exchanges. These are very human exchanges, of ideas, jokes, even recipes and travel tips. It's not all about sex," said Prince.

"And it's logical that a customer who is treated well is a customer for a long time."

2much.net Cracks the U.K. Glam Market

MONTREAL — 2much.net has entered the U.K. glam market.

According to the company, the glam babe niche is increasingly turning to 2much.net to power high-calibre models on webcam.

"The quality of the video and the stability of LiveCamNetwork are what attracts these companies to ours," said Mark Prince, founder of 2much.net "They need glam video to feature their glam girls."

According to Prince, even acknowledged competitors in the market are turning to the complete live video chat solution offered by 2much.net.

Recently, BabesFromTV.com, BabeStationCams.com and SexStationCams.com have all launched and shown immediate, irrevocable success, 2much.net said.

Featuring fit, busty glamorous models on webcam who interact with their television fans regularly, each site highlights a public fascination with women presented as a notch above the average girl next door.

"They have different niches, though," Prince said. "For example, one is mostly non-nude or topless chats, while another is glamorous domme-type cam models."

The webcam performer has always been the amateur, girl-next-door model for obvious reasons, according to Prince. "But here you have fantasy, glamour models who aren't usually found live or on webcams. It's a step up in the webcam model market."

BabesFromTV.com has been using its television platform to advertise the website and drive type-in traffic to live encounters with its popular TV performers.

"What's fun is these clients using the software are also taking advantage of our MBase feature," Prince said. "Which means other clients can take advantage of the upscale content offered by the UK babe market."

2much.net's flagship cam site, LiveCamNetwork.com, is also enabling the models for their consumers.

"They're a hit with our guys, plain and simple," Prince said. "As long as the chat hostesses are flirty, sexy, and able to use their audio, talking with and seducing them, they're happy."

2much.net's LiveCamNetwork software powers dozens of webcam sites, and is offered in a progressive series of pricing packages.

February 5 2013 Real Housewives of Miami star Elaine Lancaster to Host 2Much.net - powered Hunter Vance website Launch Party

(Miami) March 4, 2013 - Gay adult entertainer Hunter Vance has announced the launch and celebration of his first solo business project: the www.HunterVance.com live gay webcam chat site.

"One reason I'm so excited about the launch party is that Elaine Lancaster will be our host," Vance said. "She even posted it up on her Facebook page."

Reality TV Diva and Bravo network's "Real HouseWives of Miami" drag queen star James Davis (aka Lancaster) has promised some "great give-a-ways" during the event, which is part of of the Winter Party Fesival, held yearly as a charity and celebrity LGBT event in South Beach, FL.

Vance's launch is on the final climactic night of the festival at the legenday "first and only gay restaurant and bar on Ocean Drive", The Palace.

Vance has worked with many of the better-known companies in the adult film industry, including Men.com, Raging Stallion, and Lucas Entertainment.

Vance's new site, HunterVance.com, a live video chat site powered by 2much.net's webcam site software LiveCamNetwork, "Is all my hot experiences, from video performances and photo shoots to personal appearances, coming together to create the hottest chapter of my life," Vance said.

"The people at 2much.net have come recommended by some of the people I respect most in the industry so far," Vance said. "From British glam site owners to the folks at Bad Puppy."

"I want to congratulate Hunter on the splash he's about to make," said Mark Prince, owner and operator of 2much.net, which was featured in its own "Webdreams" reality show for two seasons. "For a gay cam site to launch during WPF with Elaine Lancaster on board? Can it get any better?"

Naturally Vance "and the boys" will be present at the party, being held Sunday, March 10th at the Palace, 1200 Ocean Drive in South Beach, Miami, beginning at 5:00 PM

2much.net' s LiveCamNetwork Launches Amassed Video Website

MONTREAL — 2much.net's live video chat site LiveCamNetwork.com launched its new paysite today that the company said monetizes the video content it's amassed over the years.

The "LiveCamNetwork Time Machine," as site owner Mark Prince calls the sub-site of his flagship webcam destination, has launched with hundreds of videos and exclusive images of performers and noted favorites of the site's chat room users.

"That's the base of the content at first," Prince said. "As time goes on, the more obscure girls will be delivered, as well as the increasing database of current, active favorites."

It's no surprise a cam site that has been around as long as LiveCamNetwork.com would have what appears to be many inactive models in their collection.

"Chatting isn't a career," said Prince. "College girls graduate and go on to bigger, better things. We've helped support teachers, psychologists and researchers over the past."

He added, "One of our LCN Girls is a political science graduate who ended up co-ed of the week in Playboy and has been getting speaking parts in Hollywood movies like 'The Last Kiss.'"

Prince said he has been envisioning the concept for a few years and while reviewing the material saw the bigger picture."The primer came from the stacks of hard disks and DVD ROMS sitting on the shelves for all these years."

"For me it's also a time travel trip to the beginnings of the LiveCamNetwork platform, the technology and how it has evolved over the years," Prince said. "While we had the best quality video streams on the market at their time, they're nothing compared to how far we've come with this."

What remains timeless for Prince are the models. "While all of the videos are raw and unedited, most all of the women who appear are flirty, beautiful and sexy. Hardly any 'Morlocks,'" Prince said.

The is content available on mobile devices such as the iPhone and Android, as well as Macs and PCs. Prince and his team are hoping to bring the LiveCamNetwork experience to as broad an audience as possible, while still keeping the free join and chat access of the main webcams in order to "To take guys that much closer to the real LCN experience — in real time," Prince said.

The Time Machine has soft-launched with an affiliate program spawned from the recent association between 2much.net and the Elevated X CMS.

Starting in January, Prince also announced a new contest where customers can win a free "Philby" every month.

2much Nominated for Software Company at XBIZ Awards

MONTREAL — Live video chat site provider 2much.net has been nominated for Software Company of the Year by the XBIZ Awards.

The company has been nominated every year since the introduction of the category in 2008, and won for 2010.

"The first year we were nominated, I was kind of indifferent about it," founder and President Mark Prince said. "I saw us a small company, and it was always big companies that got the award."

As 2much.net was nominated again each year, Prince admits to growing anticipation. "If they keep nominating us, there must be a chance. Then two years ago we actually won, and I was so excited - stunned - I nearly got lost getting to the stage."

This year's nomination is all the more exciting to the software maker because his company has been low-key over the last year, with a focus on development and an upcoming version upgrade to LiveCamNetwork 5.0.

According to Prince, he and his 2much crew have been working "behind the scenes, establishing high-value clients, seeking and creating new partnerships with those who offer products and services that both compliment our own and help our customers at the same time. I'm talking about solo model site owners, traffic providers, site designers, affiliates, chat studios, billing processors and so on.

"The awards show will be a welcome break from the grind, a relaxed, working vacation where we get to re-meet so many people we miss or see only online. Winning the award will be a highlight in the upcoming reality show we're being featured in."

Front page news at Payout magazine

2Much.net sales representative & spokesperson Brookelynne Briar is the subject of the latest cover-story and interview with MikeB's Payout magazine.

"I admit I'm thrilled to be featured on the cover of a magazine," Briar said. "But when you're used to exposing yourself as publically as I do sometimes, it's a little less scandalous or revealing".

Briar talks about her career, starting with her ascension from LCN Girl to webcam studio manager, to social network and media producer for LiveCamNetwork and live video chat software maker 2much.net.

"I'm pretty proud to be able to say I've provided the arena for someone as bright and talented as Brookelynne," company owner Mark Prince said.

Publisher Michael Bartholemy (aka MikeB) wrote, "I met her in Miami and she was really nice and hot."

Briar will be representing 2much.net and LiveCamNetwork at the company's booth at Qwebec Expo in Montreal, Aug. 10 to 12.


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