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ROI Calculator

How much money you make depends on several factors including marketing & promotion, quality and quanity of chat models, time spent online, and other factors.

Like any business there are all kinds of variables, but this quick Webcam Revenue Calculator can help answer at least a couple of these questions.

(a) How many Chat models
will you have?
(b) Hours per day do
you want them to chat?
(c) How many Days per week
Do you expect them online?

(d) What percentage of visitors do you
expect them to convert to customers?
(ex: 0.25 = 25%. 0.50 = 50%, etc)
(e) How much do you want to charge
Per Minute?
Click the Calculate button above
and view your estimated sales below.

(f) Total number of available minutes
to be sold per month
f = ((a) x (b x 60) x c)
(g) Number of minutes your models
will sell per month
g = (f x d)
(h) Estimated gross sales
Per MonthMonth
h = g x e


Instructions : Enter the # of chat models you plan to hire in section A, how many hours per day they you think they will chat into secion B, and how many days a week they you think they will chat in section C.

Next, enter how well you expect your performers (who are in reality, sales people) to Convert your website's casual chat visitors into actual paying customers into secion D. Enter this as a decimal. Enter 0.10 for 10%, 0.20 for 20%, etc.

Be conservative in your estimates. Most webcams site performers consider this a part-time job, and sitting in front of a computer for 8 hours a day 7 days a week is unrealistic. 2 or 3 days per week, 3 or 4 hours per day is a typical work day to a chat model

Finally, enter how much you plan to charge your customers per minute in (e), then click the Calculate button.

Your expected gross sales per month will be calculated and appear in section H (Estimated Gros Sales Per Month), above. Gross sales do not include transaction fees charged by Mastercard, Visa or billing processors.

(*) The Conversion Rate is also affected by the type of 'traffic', or customers who visit your website. "Targeted" or qualified traffic can increase your conversion rate substantially. Practices such as advertising and search engine optimization using relevant keywords and other advertising and marketing strategies are recommended.


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