Miricam 3.2

Stream Live Webcam Video + Chat with Miricam

Screenshots of Miricam webcam streaming software & associated administrator controls


Miricam is a video chat solution written using WebRTC to let you provide video chat services to your users on your website. You can provide any kind videochat-based business or entertainment service you like to your customers for free, or charge your viewers for access per-minute, per session, or per month.


Impressive Features such as HD, FullHD and 4K Lagless video. Desktop and Mobile support. Real-time payment processing, detailed accounting, and all under your logo & copyright makes Miricam really stand out.


Miricam is available in 3 formats: Solo, Professional and Enterprise.


Whether you are a single broadcaster who wants to broadcast to your own customers, or looking to run an empire with unlimited broadcasters, Miricam is the system for you. Choose from a wide range of pre-built options, or hire us to build a custom videochat solution for you for far less than you would expect.


How it works:


Miricam Pro is package of files that you host on your own website, or that we can host for you. The package includes HTML files that display your video, chat and related functions as well as all other programs required. Miricam comes ready to use, and you can customize it to look the way you want too with your own logo, colors and layout.



Webcam Models can create their own accounts and begin broadcasting. Video & Audio from your webcam is streamed to viewers on your website in real time. Customers can fund their accounts via credit card via the embedded payment processing page, then use those funds for private chat, semi-private group chat, or as tips.  An accounting system tracks all minutes used and all payments made and reports this to you in real time.



Getting Paid


All credit and debit card payments are processed by Netbilling, or via your own Paypal account if your site is non-adult.  Transaction data is sent instantly to your Miricam accounting database allowing your customer to being offering tips, or using private chat services on your site. The Miricam Accounting system reflects those payments in sales reports. These funds then appear in your own bank account as per scheduled payouts. 


Miricam offers 3 different payment processing options: Built in payment processing via Netbilling (included), Via our own CCBill account,  or Via your own PayPal Account.  The default currency is US Dollarsbut can be converted to other currencies during payouts.  


Keep ownership of your data.


Other video-chat services  retain legal ownership of your customer and broadcaster / webcam data data including real names, addresses, and other valuable information. With Miricam you retain 100% ownership of all data and 100% control. Your customers always remain on your site, and are never spammed. The only email they will receive is what you send to them.



Modern Technology Throughout. 


Previous video-chat systems required both your broadcasters and performers to Install Adobe Flash and ran on "Hard" servers with limited flexibility and scaling.  Miricam is built on webRTC which does not require Flash or any other plug-in, and uses instantly scalable Cloud servers.


Adult-Content is allowed.


Unlike other systems, Miricam was made for the adult market in mind. All technology, all servers, and all payment processes used are 100% adult-industry friendly. This does not mean you are limited to adult content of course.  We offer mainstream versions of our products as well for other industries including Psychic-chat,  Consulting, Training and coaching services.  



Browsers & Devices.


Miricam works with any desktop or laptop computer and all popular browsers including Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Microsoft IE & Edge. Miricam also works in-browser on all late-generation Smartphones and tablets powered by iOS and Android! No Google Play or iPhone Apps to download.



No unwanted links or ads.


With Miricam, we do not force you to display annoying advertising on your site. In fact, you can place your own ads on any Miricam pages if you want to. There is a small link on the bottom of your page back to 2Much.net and we ask that you please consider keeping it there, but it is by no means a requirement.



Miricam License Options


Miricam is available for purchase with a variety of options to meet your budget and requirements. While Miricam Solo is perfect for single broadcaster situations (such as solo-model websites), the larger Standard, Pro and Enterprise systems are built for site owners who want to employ the services of multiple broadcasters and studios simultaneously on the same website, broadcast to multiple websites at the same time, or network with other sites to increase users and content.