Frequently Asked Questions

What is LiveCamNetwork?

LiveCamNetwork is a software & service that allows you to broadcast live video chat from any PC or Mac to your own website, and to then allow your website users to view, chat and interact with those broadcasters at any price per minute you wish to charge.

What are the chat room options I can offer my clients?

  • Free Chat Mode. Free chat lets your choice of guests, registered users or paying customers view any video chat room for free. This is commonly used as an up-sell to private chat.

  • Single user Private "VIP" chat with unlimited passive "voyeur" viewers

  • Unlimited user "Group" chat with unlimited passive viewers

  • Virtual Private Rooms, or "ViPeR". Viper is a recorded chat room play-back system that lets you earn additional revenue while your customers watch previously recorded chat sessions. Read more.

You can charge anything you like per minute for all VIP, Group, Voyeur and Viper modes above. You can also receive tips from any customer in any chat room including free chat, and assign any "split" you like.

What are the various license and payment option?

We offer a variety of license options including

How does live video chat make money in the adult marketplace?

Adult content has always been one of the most profitable industries on the Internet, but the days of paying for photos and subscribing to membership sites are over. Today's consumer wants genuine, real-time conversation and interaction with other, living people, and they are willing to pay well for that service.

Is a website included with LiveCamNetwork?

Yes. LCN includes a website that you can customize.

Can I integrate LCN into my own existing website?

Yes. LCN installs as a 3rd level domain ( Graphics, logos, colors, layout can all be copied from your existing website to the new pages included with LCN creating the perfect integration to your site.

What is the difference between Standard Sales Reports, and Extended Sales Reports?

The Standard Sales report provides you with total sales reports for the day, month and year, and graphs your sales progress. Drill-down data reveals the username of the customer as well as time of purchase, total and transaction number for tracking purposes.

The Extended Sales report includes all of the above but with the addition of the Full name and billing address of the customer, his IP address, Credit card type, and partial credit card number as well as declined purchases (for potential fraud, insuffecient funds, etc). Requires LCN ProPay. (Note: Report does NOT include customer credit card number, cvv2 or Exp date.)

Can I customize the look-and-feel?

Yes. You can edit the look-and-feel to include your logos, colors, text, banners, images, etc. All pages are written in standard HTML and CSS and easy to edit. If you do not have the skills to do it, you may hire us to do it for you.

What is MBASE?

MBase allows you to connect with with other 2Much customers and increase revenue by licensing your live broadcasts to and from each other. Mbase allows your broadcasters to appear on other websites & increase their exposure & sales. Read more about MBASE

Why is MBASE valuable?

As a new site owner, you can use MBASE to populate your website with existing, live chat models instantly, giving your site more content for your customers to chat with.

Mbase also works in reverse, letting you license your live chat model feeds to other websites. This gives you and your chat models customers instant customers and helps you to build your business.

How and when am I paid for my sales?

Payments are sent to you each day for merchant account holders, and each week for those using most 3rd party billing processors. All sales are credited in real time. Sales to mbase are credited in real time and paid every 2 weeks, with optional accelerated payout (weekly) option now available.

Can my customers TIP chat models?

Yes. Your customers can tip chat models in both free and paid chat models. A "Send private message on tip" function is built in to encourage more tips. The accounting system will split the value of the tip between the chat model and you, the site owner, any way you like.

Can I use tracking software such as Google Analytics?


How many users can it support at a time?

LiveCamNetwork is scalable to support a virtually unlimited number of chat models and customers.

Is 2Much a "Green" company?

2Much is pleased to announce that starting July 1st 2014, we will be relocating our data and servers to new cloud based servers by Peer1 Networks, based in Toronto, Canada that provide each of these very GREEN features:

  • Datacenter designed at full load to have a Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of 1.3 to 1.4
  • Well water to reduce demand on the city water system
  • Brand new eco-friendly Cool Roof
  • High efficiency cooling system designed to utilize free cooling throughout cooler months
  • ighly efficient power management systems
  • Utilizing new highly efficient Emerson Liebert CRAC units with EC plug fans
  • Green initiative to encourage responsible energy use to maximize PUE

How long does it take to install?

Installation takes about 5 to 7 business days for most licenses. Enterprise customers benifit from an express 3 day instalation service.

Can I see a demo?

Yes. Contact us or call toll free 1-866-892-5122 anytime.

How do I get technical support?

Tech support is available 24 hours a day by phone, forum, skype and icq located here.

Do you provide business support?

Yes. 2Much now offers optional business, marketing and chat model support. We will gladly discuss various forms of marketing to new customers and methods of retaining existing customers, but how to improve and grow virtually every part of your business.

Can I hire chat models to work for my site?

Yes! You can have an unlimited number of cam models to broadcast via your website (Enhanced, Pro and Enterprise editions). You control all of the prices and payouts for each cam model as well.

(New for August 2014!): LiveCamNEtwork Enterprise now includes a powerful, comprehensive and time-saving Payroll, Accounting & Invoicing System to making paying your broadcasters fast and easy.

What if I do not have chat models I can hire, or do not want to hire any. Can I still make money with LiveCamNetwork?

Yes. This is what LiveCamNetwork's Mbase System does. Mbase lets you add chat models to your website instantly, right from day-1, who already appear on other websites and who's streams are legally licensed to your site.

My site will be new. What if I have chat models, but no customers when I start?

The Mbase System helps you here too. By licensing your live chat model streams via our built-in easy to use interface, your models can display on other high-traffic sites letting you begin to earn revenue almost immediately.

What are the hardware and software requirments to broadcast?

Both chat models AND customers can use your website with virtually any Windows based PC, or Apple Mac Mac running OS/X. Chat models require a webcam and microphone. Broadand, DSL or other high speed Internet connection is required. Customers wishing to use 2-way video require a webcam and microphone. Headsets are recommended.

What video resolution can chat models broadcast?

The video resolutions include 320x180, 320x240, 352x288, 432x240, 544x288, 640x360, 640x480, 768x480, 800x600, 864x480, 960x720 and 1024x576, in up to 60 frames per second depending on the hardware used.

Is 2-way audio/video supported?

Yes. Customers can turn on their cameras and microphones and broadcast back to your chat models in real time with no lag, allowing for true real-time audio/video conversation.

Can the private video sessions be recorded?

Some LCN licenses allow automatic server-side recording of all private chat broadcasts to be requred. Customer broadcasts are NOT recorded.

Do you host my LCN site?

Yes. We offer hosting services from a world-class facility on properly maintained high power servers. More

How do I pay for my license and fees?

We accept payments via Paypal, Credit Card, Paxum or wire Transfer only. Checks are not accepted.

Where are you located? And where does technical support come from?

We are located in nearby Montreal, Canada, and 24/7 technical support is provided by our in-house staff, not outsourced to any other agency or country.

What forms of payment can I accept from my customers?

Your website will accept most popular credit cards in the world, Mastercard and Visa + all cards with the Mastercard and Visa logo. Additional forms of payment such as Discover, JCB, Delta, Diners Club, Mastercard Maestro, Visa Blue GiroPay + EU payment options like debit cards are also available.

Which payment processors support LiveCamNetwork?

LiveCamNetwork is supported by top processor names such as CCBill, Epoch, Segpay, Netbilling, Paypal, and Surf&Pay. Each LiveCamNetwork includes free installation of the LCN ProPay processing system and Netbilling payment processor at no extra charge. Other payment processors are available at an additional fee.

Can I use my own processing or merchant account if I already have one?


Can chat models and broadcasters be paid via other methods besides check or wire transfer?

Yes. Starting May 2014, Paxum payments will be supported, letting you instantly issue Paxum personal accounts to your chat models or affiliates and pay them by transferring money from your Paxum business current account to theirs.

What is in store for the future of 2Much and LiveCamNetwork?

LiveCamNetwork is continuing to grow with LiveCamNetwork 6.0 set for a fall 2014 release featuring an all new video engine, all new database, all new interfaces & administrator programs, and more. With over 100 new features, LiveCamNetwork 6.0 is our most ambitious release to date. Screenshots and beta version coming soon.


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