Frequently asked questions
(Last updated July 21st 2015)

What is LiveCamNetwork?

LiveCamNetwork is a Software as a Service (SaaS) that allows you to display live video chat services on your website, and charge anything you like per minute for your customers to view, chat and interact with your broadcasters & webcam models.

Is LiveCamNetwork a tool, or an investment?

It's Both!. LiveCamNetwork is everything you need to profit by providing your own video chat or webcam broadcasts to your paying customers, as well as to other websites. It is also a fantastic way to profit from existing webcam streams or video chat broadcasts provided by other websites.

Do Chat Models ("Perofrmers") Get their own administrator areas?

Yes! Every chat model you choose to work with gets her (or his) own admin area where they can keep their own profiles up to date on their own, update photos, profile text, links, review their sales, and see a history of payouts as well as other date.

How does live video chat make money for me?

Various forms of entertainment based content has always been one of the most profitable industries on the Internet, but the days of paying for photos and subscribing to membership sites are over. Today's consumer wants genuine, real-time conversation and interaction with other, living people, and they are willing to pay well for that service.

Can I spread my payments out?

Yes. You may break up your LiveCamNetwork Enterprise license into 2 or 3 payments, or, you may spread your payments out over a larger period of time with Paypal Credit. (Financing Via Paypal Credit gives you ZERO PAYMENTS and ZERO INTEREST for 6 Months!).

We also offer business loans and working capital to US and Canadian customers through our lending partners on approved credit approval. Click here for more information.

How do I use Paypal Credit to purchase a LiveCamNetwork license?

Go to the Purchase Page located here and select the license you wish to purchase. On the Paypal page, look for the "Paypal CREDIT" link, and follow the instructions.

I already have my own website. Can I use LiveCamNetwork as an added service?


Is a website included with my purchase?

Yes. And you can use the website as a stand-alone site, or use it as part of an expansion to an existing site.

Can I customize the look-and-feel including my own logos, graphics, images and copyright?


Do you offer pre-built website templates for LiveCamNetwork?

Yes! We are pleased to announce the addition of new, fully rendered templates for your LiveCamNetwork site. Each template is made to be easy to edit, rich in features, and make your website look great. You can preview these templates at

What are the chat room options I can offer my clients?

Free Chat: Broadcast to unlimited number of your websites visitors, members or customers, at no charge to them. Use Free Chat to have general discussions, or as up-sell to private pay per minute chat.

Semi-Private "Group" Chat: Broadcast a semi-private video and audio chat to an unlimited number of Paying customers at the same time. Built in Pay Per Minute billing and accounting tracks exactly how long each customer spends, and limits their time based on account balances. Charge any amount you like per minute.

Private "VIP" Chat: Broadcast a private video and audio chat to a single user, for any per-minute price you want to charge. Built in accounting insures accurate times and funds collected.

Passive "Voyeur" Chat: Broadcast to additional users in both private VIP chat and semi-private Group chat modes to customers who just want to watch!

Virtual Private Rooms, or "ViPeR". Viper is a recorded chat room play-back system that lets you earn additional revenue while your customers watch previously recorded chat sessions. You can also use the Viper system to Play video clips or entire movies for a per-minute fee of your choosing

Tips: Allow your customers to tip any broadcaster on your website, for any amount, in any chat mode. Adjustable tip splits and detailed accounting insure that both you and you broadcasters receive their fair share of the tip.

You can charge anything you like per minute for all VIP, Group, Voyeur and Viper modes above. You can also receive tips from any customer in any chat room including free chat, and assign any "split" you like.

Does LiveCamNetwork 6 support mobile devices?

Yes! LiveCamNetwork Enterprise streams Live webcam chat broadcasts to mobile devices such as Apple iPhones, iPads and Andoid devices.

How does this work?

When your chat models broadcast live video chat, servers powering your LiveCamNetwork website transcode their original source video into the required format for each customer viewing their chat, simultaneously and in real time. This means that customers on desktop and laptop computers can chat with your models in real time with other customers using their mobile devices. Furthermore, each vidoe stream is optimized for each device, reducing bandwidth and processing requirements while maintaining HD Video quality.

Can I create separate custom look-and-feels for each device?

Yes. Your chat room automatically detects what kind of device is connecting to it, and can then display different layouts, graphics, colors, fonts and other items for that device. For example: You may prefer to present smartphone users with an optimized layout and fewer options, while presenting desktop users with the full range of options and larger video screens.

Is an online credit card payment system included with LiveCamNetwork?

Yes. Your site can instantly accept online payments by Mastercard, Visa and other card payment types.

Can I use my own merchant account or 3rd party processing account?

Yes. The Enterprise edition allows you to use optional payment processors such as CCBill, Epoch, PayPal, Segpay, and Netbilling

Do you provide business support?

Yes. 2Much now offers optional business, marketing and chat model support. We will gladly discuss various forms of marketing to new customers and methods of retaining existing customers, but how to improve and grow virtually every part of your business.

When am I paid?

Payments are sent every week or every 2 weeks, depending on your choice of payout frequency, and depending on the payment processor of choice. Mbase Payments are sent on the second Wednesday following the end of the billing cycle, about nine days after the billing cycle ends. Our billing cycle begins Saturday morning at 00:00:00 Eastern time, and ends Friday night at 23:59:59 eastern time. Payouts are made by your choice of check or wire transfer directly to your bank. Payouts are made to you weekly or biweekly as per your choice. All payouts are in USD.

How much money can I make?

The sky's the limit! Some sites generate a few thousand dollars per month in sales, while others generate $100k per month or more. How much you make depends on the types of content you provide, and the types of customers you attract

Do you offer marketing and business support?


Is LiveCamNetwork good for a solo-site?

Yes. LiveCamNetwork is perfectly suited for websites large and small, even solo model sites. Use LiveCamNetwork to broadcast live video to your members for free or for profit..

Can I integrate LCN into my own existing website?

Yes. LCN installs as a 3rd level domain ( for example). Graphics, logos, colors, layout can all be copied from your existing website to the new pages included with LCN creating the perfect integration to your site.

Where will my LiveCamNetwork Site license be hosted? And what kind of hardware and operating systems are used?

The servers that power your LiveCamNetwork sites are located both Montreal and Toronto Canada, as well as in Cloud servers located around the world. Co location services are provided by Peer1 Networks. Each server is running the latest version of Redhat Linux, Wowzan MySQL, and other technologies. Bandwidth, Network Switches are also provided by Peer1 Networks in Canada.

Can I connect to my site via FTP anytime I like?


What is MBASE and MBase XTra?

MBase allows you to connect with with other 2Much customers and increase revenue by licensing your live broadcasts to and from each other. Mbase allows your broadcasters to appear on other websites & increase their exposure & sales.

As a new site owner, you can use MBASE to populate your website with existing, live chat models instantly, giving your site more content for your customers to chat with.

Mbase also works in reverse, letting you license your live chat model feeds to other websites. This gives you and your chat models customers instant customers and helps you to build your business.

MBase Xtra is similar to Mbase except that it connects your site's server to external service providers to deliver lots of additional content to your site. For more information and a demonstration please Contact us.

My site will be new. What if I have chat models, but have no customers when I start?

The Mbase System helps you here too. By licensing your live chat model streams via our built-in easy to use interface, your models can display on other high-traffic sites letting you begin to earn revenue almost immediately.

Can customers tip my webcam models, or offer paid tributes?

Yes. Your customers can tip or pay tributes to your webcam modls in both public and private chat. A "Send private message on tip" function is built in to encourage even more tips. The accounting system will split the value of the tip between the chat model and you, the site owner, any way you like.

Can I edit the "Meta Tags" and apply my own SEO strategies to my LCN website?

Yes. Each page can be edited in any way, including changes to each pages Title, Keyword,Description and other tags. Each broadcasters Profile page includes unique names and keywords that can also be used in various tags.

Can I add my own Social media links and tags?

Yes. You can add Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and virtually any other social media links or tags you like.

Can I link to any other sites, programs or services?


Do I have to include links from any of my pages to 2Much?

No, however we would consider it a nice favour if you did. By linking to us you help us to sell more LiveCamNetwork licenses which reduces our operating costs, as well as attract more chat models and users to the network and to your site.

Does LiveCamNetwork 6 support flat-rate payouts?

Yes. LiveCamNetwork supports both flat rate payouts as well as commission payouts. It also supports payout for free chat if you want to.

What are the hardware requirements?

Webcam chat models / performers:

Your chat models will require a Desktop or Laptop PC running Windows 7 or higher, OR an Apple Mac, iMac or Macbook with Apple OS/X, the standard operating system that ships with Mac. They will also require a webcam and a microphone, and a high speed Internet connection. (Dial-up is not supported).

Customers will require a PC or Mac as well as a popular browser such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome or Firefox, and a high speed Internet connection as well. A webcam, and mic / headset is required for 2-way video chat, but can opt-out and use standard chat instead. Modern smartphones such as iPhone 6 or Galaxy Edge can also be used.

Can I record the video chats broadcast from my site?

Yes. You can enable server-side recording of all video chats on your site. These videos are your property and you can do anything you like with them, including displaying them for free or for pay per minute viewing on your site,

Should I worry about chargebacks? How much will I get?

You can expect a chargeback rate of about 0.5 to 1.0% per year.

How do I make sure that my chargebacks remain low?

Your customers must expect to get the services they pay for when they purchase from your website, and any customers with any technical support problems must be handled and settled within a timely matter. Failing to do so can result in a customer charging-back his purchase. By providing excellent customer service, your chargebacks will remain low. Like any good business, "the customer is always right". It is important to remain in contact with your customers by providing an easy way for them to contact you in case of any problem he may have. 2Much assists you by providing technical and other support directly to your end customers for a small monthly fee. By talking with your customers and solving the problem, your customer will not only no longer wish to charge back his purchase, but feel comfortable enough to make additional purchases in the future. 2Much INCLUDES end user customer support for you at no extra fee.

Can I design my website myself? Or can I make changes or redesign a site you make for me myself later on?

Yes. You can edit all pages that livecamnetwork generates to obtain the look-and-feel that you want. All pages are written in pure HTML, with specially coded tags to display database-driven data such as images and prices. Design your own look, or work with our designers to realize your vision.

Is this the same 2Much and LiveCamNetwork crew that is on the Webdreams TV show in Canada?

Yes, this is us. Webdreams was a reality TV show about the various companies and individual in the industry of which the crew of 2Much were prominently featured in the first 2 seasons of the show.

Where and when can I watch the show?

Webdreams is on Friday Nights at 10pm eastern time on Showcase, and is repeated later that evening, usually around 2am. It is also shown again on the IFC channel on Saturday nights.

Is the show available in the United States?

The show is broadcast via Showtime in Canada which is a sister station to SHowcase in the US. If it appears anywhere in the US, the best bet will be Showcase but we can't say for sure.

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