Syndicated Video Chat via MBASE

  • Re-Broadcast Live video chat for syndication
    - License your live video chat feeds to other sites
    - Add licensed live video chat feeds from other sites to yours
    - Charge any price you want, any time you like!

    Sometimes, you need more Live broadcasters / Chat models, and sometimes, your own Live broadcasters need more traffic. The MBASE Videochat Syndication system gives you both, helping new sites get to get started, and helps established sites earn more. .

    Your broadcasters can appear on multiple other websites at the same time, and / or other chat models can appear on yours. All under your control, and all under prices that you manage, and all without any risk.

How does Mbase Work?

1. Licensing (Syndicating) your live content to other websites.


In broadcasting, syndication is the sale of the right to broadcast Content by multiple outlets. LiveCamNetwork's MBASE system lets you do just that. By enabling Mbase for your chat models, their Live Video Chat Streams display on your website AND simultaneously become available to other website owners to display on own sites. This results in expanded market reach, increased customer base and of course, increased sales. You select which chat models to license to the network, and set the per-minute prices too. Once approved, your chat models's live video streams become available to other websites re-broadcast. Your models broadcast live video, chat and interact with customers on your site AND with customers of other sites, in real time, at any per-minute price you wish to charge.

2. Displaying & Selling syndicated live video chat content on your site

MBase 2

Mbase also lets you add licensed, live video chat content from other sites running LiveCamNetwork too. This gives your site much more content for your customers to enjoy, at any price per-minute you want to charge. Each chat model you choose to add appears as organic content on your site. You choose the broadcasters based on sex, looks, niches, price and sales history, and you choose the prices you want to charge to your end customers. Your customers pay you to chat wit these models, and your site is billed later for the time.

MBase Xtra option:

Expanded video chat content for your website (Limited licenses now available)

Additional live chat model content for your website via LiveCamNetwork and MBASE

Add hundreds of additional Live chat models, in a variety of niches and markets to your website MBAse Xtra: The system that connects your website to external networks and service providers. MBASE XTRA allows you to select chat models based on sex, market niche, location, language & other categories, and provides photo galleries and detailed user profiles for promotional purposes. Your site can now have hundreds of live chat models for your customers to choose from at any time of the day or night.

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