MBASE : Videochat Networking

    - License your live video chat feeds to other sites
    - Add live video chat feeds from other sites to yours
    - Any prices you want, any time you like!

    Sometimes, you need more live broadcasts. Sometimes, your live broadcasters need more traffic. The MBASE Videochat Networking system gives you both, helping new sites get to get started, and helps established sites earn more. .

    Your broadcasters can appear on multiple other websites at the same time, while other chat models can appear on yours. All under your control, and all under prices that you manage, and all without any extra cost or risk.

How it works:

Mode 1: Licensing your live content to other sites

By enabling Mbase for your chat models, their videochat streams are made available to the Mbase network for other site owners to select and add to their own sites. Your broadcasters see your customers in their chat room PLUS new customers thanks to Mbase. As any customer from any website becomes a private or semi private chat, every second is counted and billed. You, your broadcaster and the new website(s), have all made a new sale.

Mode 1

Mode 2: Adding Live content from other sites to yours

Live chat models appear on other sites running LiveCamNetwork, and those chat models are available to appear on yours, with a click of your mouse. The built-in interface lets you choose which broadcasters you want to appear, based on photos, prices and niches. Even sales history data is available to help you choose.

Mode 2

MBase XTRA (Coming January 2015!)

MBAse XTRA is a new Virtual studioadd-on system that allows you to add live chat models to your site from literally thousands of live streaming choices, and from multiple, outside service providers! MBASE XTRA allows you to select chat models based on Sex, content, niche, location, language and other filters, and provides photos, galleries and detailed user profiles. Your site can now have hundreds of live chat models for your customers to choose from.

Mode 3

Best of all: There's no risk.

Adding your chat models to mbase, or populating your site with yours, is done at no extra cost to you. You only pay for the live content when a sale is made. How much you charge your customers and how much you charge mbase, is completely up to you.


  • License your live and recorded content to other sites.
  • Display live and recorded chat content from other sites, on your sites, with your branding.
  • Charge anything you like per-minute to other websites for your content.
  • Works with both LIVE video chat content and Viper room content.
  • Absolutely no loss in video or audio quality.
  • Creates no extra load on broadcast computer. Requires no extra hardware, software or bandwidth.
  • Videochat appears NATIVE to each participating website
  • Contains no links to other sites or traffic leaks
  • Allows for independant pricing for each participating website
  • Enable or disable any chat models at any time.
  • Chat models need not log in to multiple computers at the same time, or run multiple instances of broadcast software at the same time. Mbase is completely server based.
  • All sales across all sites recorded and credited in Real Time
  • Each video branded to each native website.
  • Seemless connection to Scheduling and Profile pages.
  • Charge anything you like for private, semi private, and voyeur modes.
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