Network with other sites to increase sales with MBASE

Broadcast to multiple sites at the same time.

Add live chat broadcasts from other sites to yours.

License your chat model's live streams to other LCN websites for more customers to your chat rooms, at any prices you like per-minute.

Add live chat model's from other LCN websites to your own, and charge what you like per-minute to chat with those models.

Normally, your website operates the way you might normally expect, with you providing video chat services to your retail customers, at your retail prices.

This is great for existing websites, but what do you do if yours is a brand new website, without customers and or chat models? Getting both can take time to do and can be difficult for some. So what can you do?

Introducing MBASE: A powerful re-broadcasting server that lets you Network with other LCN site owners to help grow your business by giving your chat models more exposure, and your website more chat models for your customers to chat with.

Mbase lets you license your live chat models's videochat streams to an unlimited number of other websites running LiveCamNetwork, giving your chat models increased exposure and customers while you build your own customer base.

At the same time, MBASE let's you add licensed videochat streams from other websites running LiveCamNetwork, to your own site, giving your customers chat models to spend money with while you hire your own models.

screenshot of chat models available via LiveCamNetwork Mbase system


  • License your live and recorded content to other sites.
  • Display live and recorded chat content from other sites, on your sites, with your branding.
  • Charge anything you like per-minute to other websites for your content.
  • Works with both LIVE video chat content and Viper room content.
  • Absolutely no loss in video or audio quality.
  • Creates no extra load on broadcast computer. Requires no extra hardware, software or bandwidth.
  • Videochat appears NATIVE to each participating website
  • Contains no links to other sites or traffic leaks
  • Allows for independant pricing for each participating website
  • Enable or disable any chat models at any time.
  • Chat models need not log in to multiple computers at the same time, or run multiple instances of broadcast software at the same time. Mbase is completely server based.
  • All sales across all sites recorded and credited in Real Time
  • Each video branded to each native website.
  • Seemless connection to Scheduling and Profile pages.
  • Charge anything you like for private, semi private, and voyeur modes.